The Ticket“You have to taste a culture to understand it”

We have envisioned the city as a vibrant, alive gastronomy museum and we offer the ticket to this. Part of the curation approach is to pick up the best food products from the most inspired artisans and traders, with the purest ingredients and tradition going back to ancient times. The products are made by people that love people; ready for you to taste, at your own personal pace through the innovative self-guided tour we design, by just visiting our selected stores.

Our first inspiration and offering is a Mediterranean Panorama. Mediterranean Diet has been praised for its longevity and health properties, while it is characterized by bringing people together and the sense of sharing. Since 2010, it is considered an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Thus, it is something you should definitely try out!

However, Food Chronicle is more than tasting the most refined and representative flavors. Every bite guides you to the history of the city and the stories of its people. Just close your eyes and let the flavors travel you to ancient Greece, Byzantium or even the still very vibrant past century, through our well-curated content and app. Moreover, you can find out about the benefits of what you eat, their origin and also receive discounts, among others!

We expect to launch the beta stage by February the latest. If you want to be one of the first to try it or even if you have an idea or recommendation, just drop us a message!

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