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As avid travellers, foodies and cultures explorers ourselves we have experienced first-hand the challenges of the modern traveler, but also the inefficiency of many of the current offerings to deliver value and impact. Thus, we decided to offer our unique proposition for experiential, sustainable tourism!

We distinguished food, not only because we love it, but also for its ability to carry stories and emotions and its dimension of sharing. By putting it in a cultural context, we aim to offer gastronomy and cultural experiences beyond the ordinary and at the same time benefit the local communities and bring people together.

Chronicle is derived by the Greek word chronos (χρόνος) that means time. It has to do with a record of important events and it contains an epic proportion. We believe history is not something abstract and distant. It is alive, full of lessons and being written every day by all of us. Eventually, Food Chronicle is about contributing to your own unique chronicle with thought-provoking experiences that worth to be remembered, shared and narrated!

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